Cereius aims to improve the lives and survival of patients facing solid tumor brain metastasis through the use of personalized and highly targeted radiotherapy.


Our proprietary radionuclide-conjugation techniques allow for highly specific targeting of therapeutic and diagnostic radiation.

  • Stability is improved to increase tumor uptake of the radionuclide therapeutic.
  • Our chemistry reduces off-target accumulation in healthy tissues; preventing background noise and side effects.
Tumors that have metastasized to the brain have proven highly resistant cancer treatments.
  • Traditional antibody therapeutics are ineffective as their large size prevents successful delivery across the blood brain barrier.
  • A patient’s must typically undergo whole brain radiation therapy, which can induce serious cognitive side effects.
Small, antibody-like proteins known as VHHs, however, are small enough to penetrate the metastatic tumor vasculature to selectively target cancer for:
  • Imaging and disease detection of metastases using PET and SPECT nuclear imaging.
  • Treating the brain metastases with local radiation therapy, sparing the rest of the brain.