Cereius is developing a clinical pipeline to address both brain and peripheral solid tumors. Our proprietary platform chemistry allows optimization of radionuclides and ligands for different indications.

CER-101 is a Best-in-Class Radiotherapeutic

Our lead program is a VHH antibody fragment designed to deliver 131Iodine (131I) to HER2+ breast cancer brain metastases. VHHs are capable of crossing the blood-brain-tumor barrier to specifically target tumor cells. CER-101 has sub-nanomolar affinity for HER2 and enables delivery of the radiotherapeutic specifically to the tumor cells in the brain with reduced exposure to healthy brain tissue.

There is a critical unmet medical need for breast cancer patients with brain metastases. One-third of HER2+ breast cancer patients (~20K/annually in US) develop brain metastases, yet most traditional HER2-targeting chemotherapeutics do not reach the brain metastases at therapeutic concentrations.  Further, monoclonal antibodies to HER2 are too large to efficiently transit the blood-brain barrier to reach the tumors.  CER-101 addresses these gaps to specifically deliver radiotherapy to HER2+ brain metastases.

CER-101 was designed to improve both safety and efficacy. Cereius’ proprietary chemistry mitigates cellular catabolism to further increase radionuclide retention within the cells. This results in:

  • High accumulation of 131I in HER2+ tumors
  • Rapid clearance through the kidney to limit exposure to normal tissues
  • Extremely low free 131I uptake by thyroid due to stability of radioconjugate
  • Very favorable tumor-to-kidney ratio in biodistribution studies